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Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance may be the solution for you and your family if you are self-employed or not covered by your employer’s current health insurance plan. Please use the link above to obtain a health insurance quote from one or more reputable insurance carrier.

If you are interested in any other health insurance plans but cannot see the information you are looking for, please fill out our simple form and an agent will get in touch with you.

All plans are regulated by the State in which the applicant resides. Certain applicants may qualify for poverty-level based subsidies.

Please Note: If the applicant qualifies for a State subsidy or for Medicaid, our agents will help direct the applicant to the most effective resource but will be unable to participate in the entire application process.

On behalf of the Bar Associations Insurance Trust (BAIT) and in an effort to streamline the Individual and Family Health Insurance quoting process, we have set up a dedicated agent relationship to support you.  Please email your inquiry to INDHEALTH@TRIBRIDGEPARTNERS.COM and be sure to use the words BAIT in the subject line.  An agent should be in contact with you within 24 hours.Shop for Individual/Family
Health Plans