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Disability Income Insurance

In the event of an unexpected illness or injury that prevents you from earning an income, disability income insurance - either a group or individual policy - can help by replacing a portion of your income to help meet expenses during that disability.

Options that may be available with a disability income insurance policy:

  • Inflation protection
  • Ability to increase benefit amount with no additional  medical underwriting
  • Benefits paid for a partial disability
  • Protection for retirement contributions
  • Catastrophic disability income benefit

In the event of the disability of a partner/owner in a practice, there are a number of things that disability income insurance can help with:

  • Paying the operating expenses of the business
  • Funding partnership buyouts
  • Replacing lost earnings of a partner/owner or an employee on a tax-advantaged basis to the business
  • Providing return-to-work benefits to a partner/owner or his or her employees
  • Protecting and maintaining retirement contributions of a partner/owner or of an employee


Member Advantages:

  • Premium discount - 10%
  • “Modified own occupation” or “own occupation” definition of disability
  • Guaranteed level premiums to age 65
  • Non-cancelable (premiums and benefits stated in the policy cannot be changed as long as premiums are paid on time)
  • Guaranteed renewable coverage


Young Lawyers Section Member Advantages:

Advantages for MSBA and BABC YL Section members who purchase disability income insurance through the Bar Agency:

  • Premium Discount - 25%
  • Unisex rates (same rates for men and women, usually a significant savings for women)
  • Guaranteed modified coverage

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